Monday, April 14, 2008


Sometimes, Matlab language drives me nuts. It appears that software engineers just went for the most illogical and incorrect design decisions. Here's an example:

int16(100000000) returns 32767 (So, in Matlab integers are not a group. Why not go for modular arithmetic?)

int16(1)+0.4 returns an answer of class int16 (So, Matlab demotes(!) types in arithmetic expressions.)

(int16(1)+0.4)+0.4 returns 1, but
int16(1)+(0.4+0.4) returns 2 (So, in Matlab addition is not associative!)

Why? Oh, Why?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What we are working on...

I thought I would post an update:

Samit is finishing up new array class. The new arrays will simplify writing matlab functions and improve performance.

I've been trying to fix a very annoying bug - zooming on a image has unpredictable results. In the process I'm cleaning up some handle graphics code. I think I'm going to cleanup more code in libgraphics.