Thursday, April 3, 2008

What we are working on...

I thought I would post an update:

Samit is finishing up new array class. The new arrays will simplify writing matlab functions and improve performance.

I've been trying to fix a very annoying bug - zooming on a image has unpredictable results. In the process I'm cleaning up some handle graphics code. I think I'm going to cleanup more code in libgraphics.


Ted said...

Is there any function in FreeMat for doing thermal modeling or heat transfer?

- said...

Since you are checking out the image window you might want to also check out the 3d rotate freeze problem. See tracker 1929734 for a reproducible example.

Another graphics related is the incorrect hidden line algorithm when using surf more than once in the same figure window. See tracker 1930809 for a reproducible example. (I think this one has an easy fix.)

Eugene said...


What problem are you trying to solve? I don't think there is a function for modeling heat transfer. In most practical cases it is a very hard problem with volumes written about different methods, ways of handling boundary conditions, etc.

By the way, the same goes for most problem areas covered by matlab toolboxes. In my experience, the functionality provided by most matlab toolboxes is never sufficient for anything but trivial applications.

Eugene said...


I'll look into it. Thanks for the reminder.

Most likely it will make it into release 4. I don't know if we'll be doing more releases on the 3 branch - very time consuming.

Demetrios said...

Please use the FreeMat Forums for discussions:
The User and the
Developer one.
I think, it is better to have all the discussions in one place (not fragmetated in so many places like blog comments) since not all users follow so many places (but might be interested in the answers as well :) ).

Thank you,


T.N.RAJ VIGNESH.,B.E., said...

please give me the format for plotting discrete sequence using freemat. like stem in MATLAB

T.N.RAJ VIGNESH.,B.E., said...

i need it urgent pls. mail to